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8 April 2024
Ford Falcon XA GT Coupe

Following on from the famous XY GTHO Phase III, the XA was one of the cars at the centre of the so called 1971 supercar scare. Ford planned the Phase IV GTHO which would have been in the XA body. The Phase IV project was canned after the supercar scare but Ford still had all […]

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2 April 2024
Shellby Mustang GT500

She Shellby GT500 is a monster. A mustang on steroids. he first experimental car from Shelby which found its way to production. The car has a high-performance 5.2 L V8 boosted by a twin-turbo system, which contributes to a final output of over 1,000 hp (750 kW) with 93-octane fuel and up to 1,300 hp […]

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14 March 2024
1971 Ford Falcon XY GTHO Phase III

The Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III was built for homologation, looked almost identical to the GT and was a modified version of the Falcon GT built in 1971 with a heavily upgraded engine, a four-speed top-loader gearbox and Detroit locker nine inch differential. It was also equipped with special brakes and handling package, plus a […]

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